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3 Benefits of UltraShape® Nonsurgical Body Contouring

shutterstock_59598688UltraShape® nonsurgical body contouring offers a less invasive method of reducing fat cells using ultrasound technology.* By emitting waves of ultrasonic energy, UltraShape® can target subcutaneous fat, resulting in selective fat cell destruction.* Here are three important benefits of UltraShape® body contouring.*

1. Selectively Targets Fat Cells Only

Through the use of controlled ultrasound waves, UltraShape® can focus specifically on the fat layer beneath the epidermis. This is the layer below the skin and above muscle where subcutaneous fat often gets stored. Because UltraShape® uses non-thermal energy to destroy fat cells, there is no resulting damage to the surrounding skin, tissue or muscle.* After fat cells are destroyed, they are eliminated by the body’s natural metabolic system.

2. Noninvasive and Nonsurgical for Minimal Risks

UltraShape® is a nonsurgical fat reducing treatment. Patients will not develop surgical scars, suffer from bruising or swelling, and will not need to be under anesthesia.* This results in minimal risk of complications.*

3. Little to No Downtime

Fat cells that have been destroyed cannot return to the body. However, patients should take care to maintain their weight with a healthy lifestyle, as the body will continue to respond to factors that may contribute to weight gain.

Patients typically experience noticeable results within only a few weeks following their UltraShape® treatment.* The procedure is quick and comfortable and requires no downtime, meaning patients can simply walk in and walk out without having to worry about anesthesia, bandaging or post-operative care.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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