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3 Ways to Make Your Lipo Results Last Long-Term

Woman in BlackMany liposuction patients are curious about whether their results will last. In fact, liposuction benefits need to be maintained correctly. Just like maintaining your weight before liposuction, there are a few lifestyle tips that can help keep your weight steady after liposuction as well.*

1. Eat Right

Although liposuction removes fat cells, weight gain is still possible following your surgery, so a healthy diet is an important aspect of maintaining your liposuction results.* Don’t see liposuction as an excuse to eat whatever you want. Instead, view it as an opportunity to start fresh by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, nuts and whole grains. Limiting your caloric intake with healthy foods and small portions can help stave off hunger, keep your energy levels high and your body fat content low.

2. Exercise

Regular exercise is also critical for lasting liposuction benefits,* even if it’s as simple as adopting the habit of brisk walking at least three times a week for forty minutes or more. You can also ask your surgeon for recommended exercises following liposuction. Between workouts, stay active by using the stairs instead of the elevator, stretching before bed and refraining from sitting still for prolonged periods.

3. Maintain Your Pre-Lipo Weight

Since lipo isn’t a weight loss solution, you should be at or near your target weight prior to having the procedure. After your surgery, actively work to maintain a steady weight. Keep in mind that keeping weight off is easier than losing it once it’s on, so strive for a healthy lifestyle and combat weight gain before it starts.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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