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News Roundup – Breast Lift

Breast Lift Popularity Up 70 Percent since 2000

While many women are still on the fence when it comes to breast augmentation by way of implants, breast lift surgery has increased in popularity by 70% since the year 2000. Even if implants are still the most practiced cosmetic surgery performed for women, the increase in popularity of breast lifts over the past decade sees lifts outpacing breast implant surgery by two-to-one.

When increased size and volume through implants isn’t a priority, many women still want youthful looking breasts using the tissue they already possess. Being able to achieve desired results with a breast lift is prompting more women to opt for this procedure.

Does a Breast Lift Decrease Cup Size?

Breast lift surgery is an increasingly popular procedure that offers women a more youthful and lifted bust line, but a 2014 study shows that breast lifts can decrease cup size. With no significant breast reduction or augmentation, women who took part in the study and underwent breast lift surgery saw an average decrease of one bra cup size.

Due to ptosis (sagging) before a breast lift, many women felt more comfortable in a looser-fitting bra that didn’t necessarily reflect their breast size. While a breast lift decreases cup size, researchers concluded that after the surgery, women were closer to their “true” cup size because excess sagging had been corrected.

Combination Breast Lift + Implants Doesn’t Increase Risk of Surgical Complications

Many women want to complete the breast augmentation package in one sitting, combining a breast lift with implants for optimal results. Recent studies show that pairing breast implants with a breast lift does not increase the risk of surgical complications.

“With appropriate patient selection and a carefully planned operative approach, our data demonstrates a one-stage procedure can be safely performed with acceptable complication and reoperation rates,” concludes the study.

For women wary of having the two procedures done during one operation, there are considerable benefits. Scheduling two surgeries separately can be expensive, and pairing the two is more cost effective. Additionally, by having a breast lift done at the same time as breast implants, women eliminate the risk of complications arising between procedures.

Silk-based Internal Scaffold for Use in Breast Lift Receives FDA Approval

In 2009, Serica Technologies, Inc. got FDA approval for their SeriScaffold™, a “long term bioresorbable surgical mesh made out of a proprietary silk-based material.” The material has potential support and repair properties that can address damaged or weakened connective tissue, most notably associated with women who undergo reconstructive surgery due to breast cancer.

The silk-based scaffold has potential healing advantages such as tissue infiltration as well as long-term integrity.