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News Roundup – Breast Surgery Revision

New Breast Augmentation Techniques Offer Options for Revision

Women who want to downsize their breast implants and those undergoing breast reconstruction can benefit from newer surgical techniques that utilize fat grafting to enhance breast appearance. Fat transfer breast augmentation has become a popular option in breast surgery revision for women who want an alternative to breast implants. With a fat transfer, fat is harvested from another area on the body via liposuction and is grafted onto the breast region for natural-looking results. Some women choose to have their breast implants removed and instead boost their breast size using fat transfer breast augmentation. This method not only enhances breast size, it can also provide a subtle breast lift.

Thousands of Women Are Discovering the Fix for Too Large Breast Implants

Shifting trends have resulted in thousands of women looking to downsize their breast implants. Often referred to as explant surgery, women with oversized breast implants are flocking to their plastic surgeons’ offices to have implants removed. Citing evolving beauty standards which value fitness over large breasts and wanting to avoid the regular maintenance that can come with breast implants, more women are seeking breast surgery revision. Fat transfer can be used during explantation for natural-looking results.

Celebrities Leading Trend toward Small Breast Implants

In the 80s and 90s, it was common for women to request D cup or DD sized breast implants from their plastic surgeon, however, times have changed. Today’s beauty standards embody a ‘less is more’ ethos, with women opting for smaller breast implants. Victoria Beckham and Pamela Anderson are two celebrities at the forefront of this trend, electing to have their breast implants downsized or removed with breast surgery revision. Explant surgery is catching on and has grown in popularity among women who’d like a subtler look.

Breast Surgery Revision Can Offer Excellent Results

A number of women who’ve undergone breast augmentation suffer buyer’s remorse and pursue breast surgery revision to get rid of their breast implants. Soon after their breast surgery revision, women report feeling better about their appearance. Jessica Pena, a self-described introvert, found the male attention unwelcome after she got breast implants. With her implants gone, she noted that her clothing fit better and she felt more professional at work. Other women recount getting breast implants for the wrong reasons, to distract themselves from a breakup or divorce. Breast surgery revision is an option for women who wish to remove their breast implants and return to a more natural look.