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News Roundup – UltraShape® Power

New FDA-Approved Technology Uses Sound Waves To Blast Away Fat

The FDA recently approved UltraShape® Power as a way to help eliminate fatty deposits on the body. UltraShape® uses ultrasound technology, or sound waves, to target pockets of stubborn fat that are diet- and exercise-resistant. The sound waves work to break down the walls of fat cells. UltraShape® Power is pain-free procedure that requires very little downtime, and for some people it can be an effective alternative to liposuction.*

UltraShape® Power Wins Award For Best Body Contouring Treatment

NewBeauty Magazine awarded UltraShape® Power as “The Best Body-Contouring Treatment” in its 2014 Beauty Choice Awards. Among its celebrated properties, NewBeauty recognized the nonsurgical ultrasound-based treatment as a painless method of temporary fat reduction, noting that UltraShape® Power was particularly effective in treating diet- and exercise-resistant fat in the abdominal region.*

Thousands of beauty experts, editors and readers voted the top prize to UltraShape® Power for its ability to offer highly customized, noticeable results in as little as two weeks.* Syneron Medical Ltd. is the global aesthetic device company that created UltraShape® Power, the first nonsurgical method that employs ultrasound energy to remove fat.

Financial Analysts Lose Belly Fat On UltraShape® Power

In a business-savvy move, Syneron Medical Ltd., the manufacturer of UltraShape® Power, offered fat removal treatments to Wall Street stock analysts so they could experience the benefits firsthand. Participants, including a 25-year-old Zack Ajzenman, an equity analyst at Griffin Securities Inc., confirmed UltraShape® Power’s claims of being a painless method of body contouring. “When it got around the bellybutton region, I felt a slight tickle,” Ajzenman remarked after a 45 minute treatment session. Unlike other body shaping technologies that employ extreme heat or freezing techniques, UltraShape® Power uses sound waves to destroy fat cells without damaging nearby tissue.*

UltraShape® Power Can Take Inches Off Your Abdomen

UltraShape® Power is an FDA-approved non-invasive body contouring system that uniquely uses ultrasound energy as a fat reduction method, without the risks associated with other fat removal procedures.* An UltraShape® Power treatment targets pulses of ultrasound energy at problem spots of fat while preserving the surrounding tissue, and can shave up to 2.5 inches from the abdomen.* Among the benefits of the fat reducing procedure, it is painless, offers quick, noticeable results without any visible bruising or scarring, requires no downtime and is safe for all skin types.*

UltraShape® Power Is Hollywood’s Go-To Procedure To Get Rid Of Knee Wrinkles

As technological innovations continue to create boons in the cosmetic industry, celebrities are putting new treatments to use. For those in the public eye, whose images are constantly being snapped by paparazzi, UltraShape® Power has become the go-to procedure for treating knee wrinkles. Wrinkles around the knee, sometimes referred to as ‘kninkles’, are a common side effect of aging. While in the past, some people have opted for knee-lift surgery, celebrities are now choosing the non-invasive UltraShape® Power to smooth the area around their knees. UltraShape® Power is being touted for its effectiveness as well as the fact that it requires no downtime and causes no scarring.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.