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Could Your Tummy Tuck Need a Revision?

Mother and Daughter PlayingA tummy tuck removes excess stomach skin and fatty tissue and repairs abdominal muscles. Although many people enjoy results from their tummy tuck long-term,* there are some instances when a touch-up is necessary. Post-procedural weight fluctuations, pregnancy or dissatisfaction with the original surgery may all be reasons to seek a revision tummy tuck.

Weight Gain or Loss

While moderate fluctuations in weight shouldn’t interfere with tummy tuck results, a weight gain of 25 to 30 pounds or more can stretch out abdominal skin, negatively impact the stomach’s appearance or affect muscle repair. People who tend to gain intra-abdominal fat can be particularly susceptible to these changes. Significant weight loss can also be an issue, leaving behind excess skin that will need to be removed.


Pregnancy affects each woman differently. It’s not uncommon for pregnancy to cause diastasis recti, the separation of the parallel bands of abdominal muscles. Diastasis recti can result in a stomach pooch that can’t be resolved through diet and exercise. The weight gain associated with pregnancy can also cause the skin to stretch and hang. If pregnancy has altered your tummy tuck results, revision tummy tuck surgery may be an option for you.

First Surgery Needs a Tune-Up

Some tummy tucks don’t offer successful results the first time around. Some men and women find that not enough excess skin was removed during the surgery, their muscles were not adequately tightened or the final belly button placement isn’t satisfactory. Whatever your reason for needing a revision tummy tuck, choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience performing abdominoplasties is critical to your final results.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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