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Breast Lift Q&A with Dr. C

Many women find as their body goes through changes that gravity can take a toll on their breasts. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy and age can all increase the level of sagging and even give your breasts a deflated appearance. If this sounds familiar, you may be interested in a breast lift. Here, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile answers the most common questions about breast lifts that aren’t discussed in standard FAQs.

If your concerns or questions regarding breast lifts aren’t addressed here, we encourage you to contact us at your convenience to schedule a consultation. Dr. Campanile is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast enhancement who takes a careful and skilled approach to cosmetic surgery.

Q. I’ve read a little bit about breast lifts, but I’m not sure if it’s the best decision for me. How do I know if getting a breast lift is the right choice?

Committing to any surgical procedure is a big decision, and you should absolutely take the time to think it through. Many women who feel unhappy with their breasts think that breast augmentation or breast reduction are their only options, but they may not realize that a breast lift offers another alternative. If you’ve done your research and still feel unsure about whether or not a breast lift is right for you, my advice is to schedule a consultation. Talking with you about your goals and concerns can help me reach a professional opinion on your options. There is no commitment that comes with a consultation, and you can make the decision to get the breast lift or not whenever you feel ready.

Q. I want to do something about the sagging of my breasts, but I don’t want to change their size. Will a breast lift affect my cup size?

Since breast lifts are often combined with either augmentation or reduction, some women may be confused about what a breast lift alone can accomplish. A breast lift is not about altering the volume of your breasts. No breast tissue is removed during the procedure, and no implant is inserted, so the result should only affect the shape and placement of your breasts, not your cup size.* If necessary, the nipple can also be repositioned and the areola can be resized, but the focus of the lift is on shape and position, not on size.*

Q. What if I want another procedure done on my breasts? Is it really necessary to get a lift as well?

Not necessarily, but it depends on the patient. I take many factors into consideration when consulting my patients about the look they want. The pre-operative state of the breasts can often inform a woman’s decision to combine another procedure, such as augmentation or reduction, with a lift. Typically a breast reduction includes elements of a breast lift as well. Likewise, some women seeking to resolve concerns about sagging breasts through implants may find that a combination of implants and a breast lift is better for them. At the same time, other women may find that all they need is one procedure. As with any cosmetic treatment, a customized approach is best.

Q. What about scarring? I really don’t know if a lift will be worth it if I end up with obvious scars.

I make an effort when performing breast lift surgery to make the incisions as inconspicuously as possible. Typically, the incision starts around the areola and extends down to the inframammary fold, the natural crease under the breasts. While there is no way to prevent scars completely, they tend to fade dramatically within the first year and onward.* Although scarring is often a top concern of women going into the surgery, the majority of my patients feel their results are well worth the risk of scarring.*

Q. How long will my breast lift results last, really? Long enough to feel like the surgery is worth it?

There is no way to fully prevent gravity from affecting your body as you continue to age. To help protect your results, follow a healthy lifestyle, maintain your weight, and give your breasts the proper bra support so that the skin doesn’t stretch.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.