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Liposuction: Prepare for Your Procedure

At our offices here in Denver, we feel proper preparation for liposuction is essential. Lipo itself is surrounded by a lot of misconceptions, and knowing the straight answers before your appointment can help you feel more positive about your experience.

At Your Consultation

There are plenty of surgeons that offer liposuction, both from cosmetic surgery facilities and from medical spas. Always remember that all liposuction providers are not created equal. Before you choose an option, be sure to ask questions during your consultation that will help you learn more about the professional who will be handling your lipo:

  1. What types of certification or credentials do you hold?
  2. How frequently do you perform liposuction?
  3. What type of equipment and techniques are used?

You should also ask to see before and after pictures to help gauge the practitioner’s skills and level of expertise.

Preparing For Liposuction

Since liposuction is performed as an outpatient procedure, there are fewer arrangements to make as compared to a more involved surgery. However, there are still some steps you can take to help your experience be as positive and low-stress as possible, as well as encourage a more rapid recovery.*

Personal Considerations

  1. Have transportation arrangements ready, both for your appointment arrival and for heading home afterward. It’s smart to have someone stay with you full-time for at least the first 24 hours after your procedure.
  2. Although you should be able to resume your normal routine quickly, have arrangements made for extra help around the house just in case.
  3. Arrange your work and home life to ensure that you have a light schedule for the first several days following your lipo.

Physical Considerations

  1. Take a shower before your appointment, washing the targeted areas with an antimicrobial soap to reduce the chances of infection. Don’t apply any lotions or makeup after your shower.
  2. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Slip-on shoes are best.
  3. Tell Dr. Campanile if you take any vitamins, supplements or prescription medications.
  4. Smokers should refrain from cigarettes at least 14 days prior to your appointment, and throughout the healing process (at least for another two weeks after your procedure).

Handling Recovery

Some patients report soreness following liposuction. This is normal, and is your body’s way of telling you to rest and heal.

  1. You may experience bruising, which should fade rapidly.*
  2. You may have to wear a support garment to aid in the healing process.*
  3. Your normal routine may often be resumed almost right away, with more vigorous activities after Dr. Campanile gives you the all-clear.*

Because of the very small incisions and outpatient scheduling of liposuction procedures, patients may make the mistaken assumption that their bodies don’t really need much time to recover. Resist the urge to do too much too soon; your body still needs ample time to rest and heal.

If you have any questions about preparing for your liposuction, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call us at 303-345-7476.

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