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Breast Lift FAQs

Age and gravity both contribute to sagging breasts over time, particularly in larger-breasted women. Pregnancy and nursing also can have an impact on the breast’s elasticity and firmness, which may not return following childbirth. A breast lift can lift and reshape your natural breast while removing excess skin.*

A breast lift should not be confused with breast augmentation; although the procedures may be combined, a breast lift alone will not enlarge your natural breast size.

Request a consultation online to get started on your breast lift journey. And if you haven’t already, be sure to view breast lift patient photos to see the results Dr. Campanile has achieved for his patients.* We’re here for you every step of the way and look forward to meeting with you.

Q: Am I A Candidate?

A: Most patients come to our office in Denver for a breast lift if their breasts have a lack of fullness, are sagging, or have nipples that point downward. It is important to have realistic expectations about the procedure. Women choosing a breast lift ideally should be done having children and should also maintain a steady body weight before and after surgery.

Q: What About Scarring?

A: When performing a breast lift procedure, Dr. Campanile places the incisions as inconspicuously as possible. Most incisions are made around the areola and down to the natural breast crease. For the most part, any redness of the scars tend to fade dramatically within the first year.*

Q: Are There Risks?

A: Any surgical procedure carries some risks. Fortunately, breast lift surgery has a very low complication rate when performed by a skilled plastic surgeon.* One of the most common complications of breast lift surgery is loss of nipple sensation or sensitivity. This is often temporary, with sensation returning within a few months. Sometimes, though, sensation is permanently diminished following the procedure, due to severing of the nerves when relocating the nipple and areola. Every effort will be taken prior to your surgery to make sure you are fully aware of any potential complications.

Q: What Is the Recovery Like?

A: Although all patients heal differently, normal (light) activities are often resumed within the first week.* Gentle exercise is often tolerated by two weeks, and more vigorous activities within another month or two.* There may be some soreness, numbness or both at the surgical site. Swelling is also common following surgery, and a special support bra should be worn continuously (night and day) for the first few weeks.

Q: What Happens during Surgery?

A: There are a few different techniques Dr. Campanile may use to perform your breast lift. Each one lifts the breast, reshapes the breast tissue and places the nipple back in a centered position.* The specific technique used is determined by how much correction is necessary, and whether breast augmentation or breast reduction is going to be included along with the lift.

Q: How Long Will My Breast Lift Results Last?

A: Until we can find ways to stop gravity and aging, there’s no way to keep breasts from falling again. The effects of both can be slowed by wearing bras for support and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.

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