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Taking for Granted American Advances in Plastic Surgery

Sometimes in this country, we forget how truly lucky we are. For example, here in Denver, cosmetic surgery safety standards are heavily regulated for my patients’ maximum safety and protection. In other countries of the world, that may not be the case.

Cosmetic Surgery in China

Compared to Denver, the cosmetic surgery industry in China is pretty frightening. The skyrocketing popularity of cosmetic procedures has completely outstripped available trained physicians and staff. This combination has led to the rise of a plethora of unlicensed personnel performing surgeries completely untrained. Estimates suggest that China sees more than 20,000 unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries annually, although getting an accurate number is challenging. The majority of procedures are kept quiet, even from close friends and family, and the failures are often kept quiet as well.

International Surgeries

China ranks third as far as the number of licensed procedures carried out annually, following the United States and Brazil, so clearly not all of the cosmetic procedures there are being performed in back alleys. This is still a matter of concern for anyone debating going abroad for their procedure in an attempt to save on procedure fees. How can you be sure that you’re seeing one of the trusted professionals, and not one of the predators out to make a quick buck?

Staying Stateside

Although it can be tempting to consider medical tourism, it can also be a big risk. After all, you only have one face and one body, and the cost difference won’t mean much to you if the results end up with permanent damage or worse. When looking at price, be sure you think about all the things an American surgeon is providing as compared to their International counterparts, and then make sure the decision is something you can live with.

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