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The 3 Primary Advantages of Gummy Bear Implants

Woman in black braThe decision to get breast implants is an important one for many women. With so many options for your breast augmentation, it can be difficult to select the type of implant that’s best for you. When planning your breast augmentation, traditional saline and silicone implants are not your only options. Gummy bear implants have made considerable waves in the breast augmentation market, and offer three main advantages.

1. A Teardrop Shape

While round, high-profile implants will always maintain a degree of popularity, current beauty trends lean toward more natural looking breast augmentation results. Fuller at the bottom and gently tapered at the top, gummy bear implants are anatomically shaped to mimic the curves of your natural breast.

2. A Natural Feel*

Gummy bear implants are filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel that’s designed to be similar in composition and texture to fatty breast tissue. This makes gummy bear implants a popular choice for small-breasted women as well as for breast reconstruction patients.

3. Lower Risk of Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a common concern among breast augmentation patients. When thick scar tissue around the implant hardens, it can distort the shape of the breast and feel hard or tender to the touch. Gummy bear implants are designed with a textured surface that may reduce the likelihood of capsular contracture.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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