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Thigh and Body Lift Q&A with Dr. C

Men and women who have achieved dramatic weight loss, whether through bariatric surgery or their own weight loss plan, have more than enough reason to feel proud of their achievements. When it comes to making the final decision for a thigh and body lift to fine-tune your weight loss success, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with Internet research, especially when most online FAQs seem to just answer the same questions over and over again. Here, post-weight loss body contouring specialist Dr. Frank Campanile responds to some of the most common questions about thigh and body lift surgery from Denver patients.

If you have a question about breast augmentation that’s not addressed here, please feel free to contact us online today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Campanile is a board certified plastic surgeon who focuses on developing a customized approach toward cosmetic surgery that can better help you meet your unique goals.

Q. I’ve read up on thigh and body lift surgery a fair amount, but I’m still not positive if it’s really right for me. How can I know for sure?

A. Thigh and body lift surgery can feel like a huge decision, and the decision can be even more intimidating if you aren’t sure it’s the right step, or that you’re a candidate for the procedure. Generally, thigh and body lifts are the most beneficial for patients who have undergone significant weight loss, but you can also benefit from the procedure if you simply have excess skin and fatty tissue around your lower body.

If you’ve done all the research you can and still feel uncertain, I recommend coming in for a consultation. A consultation is commitment-free, so you can still wait to make your final decision until you feel completely confident. Meeting together in person can help you to realize the results that are possible with a thigh and body lift, as well as how you can personally benefit.

Q. I’m worried about the scars I’ll end up with. I really don’t want it to be obvious that I’ve had surgery. Can the scars from a thigh and body lift be well-hidden?

A. The exact location of the scars depends on the approach taken for your particular surgery. However, I assure you that virtually all patients who undergo a thigh and body lift feel that any resulting scarring is a reasonable trade-off for their improved contours.

If you get an inner thigh lift, your scars will be hidden in the creases around the pubic area, while for an outer thigh lift, the incisions are placed around the buttocks. The lower body lift requires several small incisions, the exact location of which can be discussed during your consultation. However, I take special care during all of my surgeries to place scars in the most discreet locations possible. Also keep in mind that scars heal dramatically within the first one to two years following surgery, with many patients reporting that they are barely visible after enough time goes by.

Q. What’s the main difference between an inner and outer thigh lift? Do I have to have both?

A. An inner thigh lift will have less of an impact on your appearance, but more of an impact on your daily comfort. An inner thigh lift can help patients who experience chaffing, bruising or discomfort when they walk, run or exercise by creating smoother and slimmer inner thighs.

An outer thigh lift, on the other hand, will have a more significant affect on your body shape, as the procedure focuses on improving the contours of the outer thighs, and tightening up the muscles and skin for a more streamlined figure. Excess fatty tissue can also be removed or reshaped for better contours. You can get an outer and inner thigh lift both, or simply focus on the area of most concern.

Q. I’m already getting a tummy tuck. Wouldn’t that help tighten everything up? Do I really need separate surgery for my thighs?

A. The lower body lift focuses on the buttocks and thighs rather than the abdomen. During a lower body lift, excess fatty tissue can be removed, muscles are toned and the skin is tightened. In addition, fatty tissue can be reallocated to improve your profile. For instance, the buttocks can be augmented naturally using your own tissue. It’s important to understand the difference between a tummy tuck and a body lift as you make your decision about moving forward. Many post-weight loss patients choose to combine the procedures for a more comprehensive approach to body contouring.