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3 Reasons Why Spring Is a Great Time for Breast Implants

woman covereing breastsMany women wonder if there is an ideal time of year to schedule a breast augmentation. With today’s advances in surgical technology, you can fit this procedure into your hectic schedule pretty much year-round. However, spring is one of the most convenient seasons to schedule your surgery, for three very simple reasons.

1. Between Hectic Winter Holidays and Busy Summer Travel

No matter how much you look forward to spending time with those you love, the holidays are always stressful. Similarly, while we all look forward to warm weather and the slower pace that comes with the summer, the kids are out of school and everyone wants to go on vacation. Spring is a good time to schedule your breast augmentation because it falls right between these two busy times of the year and allows you to recover in time to avoid missing anything.

2. Spring Wardrobes Help Disguise Your Recovery

After getting breast implants, you’ll have some swelling and will need special bandages or surgical dressings for several days to a week or more after surgery.* In late winter and early spring, less revealing clothes like warm sweaters are a great way to hide your scars and bandages so you can enjoy as much discretion as you like.

3. Heal Before Bikini Season

Summer is the perfect time to show off your new curves in swimwear. Having your surgery in springtime gives your body time to fully heal before necklines shift down and hemlines go up in conjunction with the warm summer weather.* To make the most of bikini season, schedule your appointment in spring so you can look great in all those skimpy summer styles.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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