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3 Times Breast Enhancement Could Help Your Health

woman with hand on kneeIf you thought breast enhancement procedures were purely for vanity, think again. While breast enhancement delivers cosmetic results, there are a few times when breast surgery could offer benefits for your physical and psychological health.*

1. If Large Breasts Cause You Back Pain

While large breasts may be envious to some, to others they’re a burden. Women with particularly large breasts often suffer from a range of health issues as a result. Large breasts are commonly associated with back, neck and shoulder pain, which can lead to poor posture and chronic aches. Women with large breasts also may suffer from unwanted attention and feelings of self-consciousness. Breast reduction decreases breast size, but many women struggling with additional concerns related to having overly large breasts say they’ve also experienced an improved quality of life.*

2. If Sagging Breasts Cause You Skin Problems

A breast lift not only raises and reshapes the breasts, but can also alleviate skin problems, such as rashes or irritation, that may result from pronounced ptosis (droopiness).* Women with severe sagging may develop chafing or even hygiene issues in the area under their breasts where the breast skin repeatedly rubs against the torso.

3. If Breast Asymmetry Impacts Your Body Image

Girls and women with pronounced breast asymmetry can develop low self-esteem and poor body image as a result. In these cases, your breast surgeon may recommend breast implants, a lift, a breast reduction or a combination of breast surgery procedures to correct asymmetry with breast enhancement*.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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