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4 Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Many women interested in breast augmentation think iStock_000015596983XSmallthat implants are their only option. However, breast augmentation using fat transfer is steadily rising in popularity as an alternative to breast implants. The two-step procedure first harvests fat cells from the patient’s body before transferring them to the breasts and offers patients some unique benefits.*

1. Natural Feel*

One of the biggest concerns among women interested in breast implants is whether they’ll feel real. Because fat transfer breast augmentation uses your own fat cells to augment the breasts, the results simply feel like regular breast tissue.* This can be especially beneficial for women with very little natural breast tissue to cover an implant.

2. Natural Look*

In addition to the natural feel of breasts augmented with fat transfer, the results also appear completely natural.* During the fat transfer process, your surgeon will strategically inject fat into the breasts in several places. This makes fat transfer a frequently requested option for women hoping to avoid an artificial or dramatic look.

3. Can Help Even Out Asymmetrical Breasts

Fat transfer can also be used to improve breast asymmetry.* Your surgeon can augment one breast more than the other to even out your breast appearance.* Additionally, fat transfer can improve upon your breast implant results by creating softer contours.*

4. Can Help Slim Down Your Love Handles

Because fat transfer starts by harvesting fat from your body, many women enjoy the potential slimming effects of the procedure on their love handles or waists.* The hips are the most common donor area for fat transfer breast augmentation since many women store some extra fat in this area that they’re more than happy to lose.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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