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4 Tricks to Try before Liposuction

Woman runningWith liposuction, plastic surgeons are able to effectively remove specific fat deposits.* However, before deciding to have lipo, there are four ways a patient may be able to target their problem areas without liposuction for body contouring.

1. Adjust Your Diet

Fat is formed when we consume more calories than we burn. By adjusting your diet, you may be able to lose unwanted fat without liposuction. Focus on reducing your intake of sugar, carbs and fatty foods while increasing your intake of fresh vegetables, whole grains and lean meats and fish.

2. Be More Active

Many women are surprised to learn that liposuction won’t help cellulite, the appearance of which is one of the most common complaints women have with their bodies. However, by strengthening muscles in the thigh area, some women say they are able to reduce the appearance of cellulite for smoother looking skin. Overall, increasing physical activity will help you burn more calories, too.

3. Be Smart about Beverages

Sugary, high-calorie beverages may be the secret culprit behind your unwanted pounds. Replace some of your lattes, energy drinks and sodas with water to help remove more calories from your diet for faster weight loss. Additionally, increasing your water intake helps flush your body of more toxins and waste.

4. Don’t Stress

Many people are emotional eaters. Making efforts to lower the amount of stress in your life may prevent impulsive eating that can sabotage your diet and therefore inhibit weight loss. Plus, even if you’re left with a few isolated fatty deposits here or there, that’s exactly where liposuction steps in to help the most.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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