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Are Breast Implants Getting Smaller? A Closer Look at the “Brazilian B”

Updated for 2018

It’s often assumed that if a woman decides to get breast implants, she will opt for a look that will give her a significant boost in cup size. After all, what’s the point of having the surgery if you’re not going to look noticeably curvier? These days, there’s actually a trend toward smaller implants, and we might need to look to the ladies of Brazil to understand why.

What Is the Brazilian B?

In the United States, our mental image of breast implants gravitates towards icons like Pamela Anderson and Dolly Parton. Their post-surgery breasts weren’t exactly subtle and left no doubt in the public’s mind that implants were involved. This set a trend in the early years of U.S. breast augmentation for an obviously enhanced, dramatic look.

In Brazil, where breast implants are wildly popular, most women are very open about having had augmentation surgery. However, Brazilian women typically opt for smaller, very natural-looking implants. This more conservative approach toward breast augmentation has become known as the “Brazilian B,” in reference to the modest final cup size after surgery.

Decide What Breast Implant Size Is Best for You

Just as there are trends in hairstyles and fashion, there have always been trends in breast implants as well. Every body type is different, and implants are not one-size-fits-all. While there may be a shift towards the “Brazilian B” in the United States, any woman considering breast implants should carefully consider what size is best for her in the long run, regardless of what’s popular this season or this year.

Are Breast Implants Getting Smaller? A Closer Look at the “Brazilian B”
Article Name
Are Breast Implants Getting Smaller? A Closer Look at the “Brazilian B”
Updated for 2018 - Denver breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile discusses the Brazilian B, a trend in South America toward smaller breast implants.
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Campanile Plastic Surgery in Denver

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