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Better Breast Augmentation Recovery

There are several ways in which our patients can actually enhance the results of their breast augmentation from our Denver clinic, while at the same time ensuring a smoother recovery process.*

  • Massage: Keeping the breasts soft through regular self-massage can help the implants settle and reduce the risk of developing tight scar tissue.* Twice a day is a good start, and the massages should begin shortly after surgery.
  • Support: The compression garment issued following your surgery isn’t a fashion statement; it’s a must. The compression strap helps to stabilize your new breasts, allowing them to heal more rapidly.*
  • Reduce: Scale back your activities following breast augmentation to light physical movements that do not involve your chest muscles. If the muscles are strained too soon following surgery, the edges may tear. This can lead to increased pain and swelling along with compromised results.*

During your healing process, we’ll be checking your progress along the way. Most of my patients are able to ease into gentle exercise after the first month, but please do not do this on your own until you’ve been cleared to do so. Exercising, particularly upper body exercises, should be strictly limited.

Helping Yourself

In my experience, the patient who is able to take an active part in her own recovery feels more positive about the process. Aiding your own recovery can make you feel empowered to help yourself. Additionally, you’ll be taking steps to ensure the best possible breast augmentation results.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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