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Breast Surgery Revision: Is It Right for You?

I see many women who come in requesting revisions to previous augmentation surgeries that didn’t give them quite the look they had in mind. Whether it’s the result of a subpar surgery, or just a natural product of age and changes in your body, there are many reasons why breast surgery revision may be right for you.

Correcting Discomfort

The most common complication of a breast augmentation surgery is developing capsular contracture, the hardening of excess scar tissue around your new implants. This hardened capsule can be rigid and may be painful to the touch; revision surgery can be a great solution to resolve this issue.* There may be other physical changes in your body as well that impact the appearance of your breast augmentation and can only be corrected through surgical means.*

Beyond just the physical discomfort, women may also experience psychological distress if their augmentation doesn’t turn out the way they wanted. Asymmetrical breasts, implants that are too large or too small, or breasts that end up sitting too high or too low on the torso can all be very upsetting, especially after the emotional and financial investment you’ve just made in your appearance.

Correcting discomfort is the primary reason for breast surgery revision, whether that discomfort is physical or emotional. Implants can be removed or replaced to help you get the look you originally wanted.* Many of my Denver patients also include a breast lift to firm and reshape their breasts, restoring your figure to match your appearance goals.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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