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Busting 3 Big Myths about Breast Augmentation

If you’ve been thinking about getting your breasts done, you’ve probably come across a lot of breast augmentation myths. You might have heard that breast implants are only for women who want huge breasts or that recovery is grueling. Let’s separate fact from fiction and look at the truth behind some of the most persistent breast augmentation myths.

1. Breast Implants Always Look Fake

While some breast implants certainly can look fake, today’s techniques and sophisticated implants allow skilled plastic surgeons to give women very natural looking results.* By getting the right size and type of implants for your body, your breast augmentation doesn’t have to look “done.”* At your breast augmentation consultation, share any concerns you have about the way your implants will look with your doctor. 

The placement of your implants also plays a crucial role in how real or fake they look.*

2. Recovery Is Long and Painful

Most women who have breast augmentation go back to work after about a week.* Follow your plastic surgeon’s guidelines, which are intended to help minimize pain and discomfort.* Ignore blanket statements about breast augmentation recovery. Every woman’s experience is different depending on a variety of factors.

3. It’s Vain to Want Breast Implants

One of the breast augmentation myths that just won’t die is that women who have breast implants must be shallow or vain. Wanting to look and feel your best is hardly vain. In fact, it’s very healthy to take pride in your appearance. Many women who seek out breast augmentation just want to feel more feminine or fill out the latest fashions better.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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Busting 3 Big Myths about Breast Augmentation
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Busting 3 Big Myths about Breast Augmentation
Want to know the truth behind some popular breast augmentation myths? Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Campanile separates fact from fiction.
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