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Can Breast Implants for Asymmetry Improve Emotional Health?

Breast asymmetry is often one of the biggest concerns of developing young women. Many breast implant patients are women hoping to resolve asymmetry of the breasts. However, recent research suggests that correcting asymmetry and other breast abnormalities may not be simply a cosmetic treatment, but also a psychological one.

Benefits of Breast Implants

According to a recent study, breast asymmetry can have significant negative psychological and emotional effects on girls and women. Among the behaviors associated with breast asymmetry were “borderline” social function, unhealthy eating behaviors and unhappier attitude.

The study also included women with tuberous breast deformity, a congenital condition that results in abnormal breast development. The behavior patterns noticed in girls and women with breast asymmetry, including tuberous breasts, were similar to those in women with overly large breasts. In all cases, abnormal breast development was associated with poor self-esteem and emotional health.

Breast Implants for Asymmetry

Modern research and scientific developments continue to advance surgical abilities to correct breast abnormalities. Today, asymmetry can often be treated with breast implants.* An implant may only be needed in one breast, or different size implants can be used in each breast, in combination with a breast lift if needed. Additionally, tuberous breast deformity is an area of rising interest in the cosmetic surgery field, with breast enhancement specialists becoming increasingly skilled at correcting the condition.

Young girls and women with breast abnormalities can benefit psychologically and emotionally from improving breast size and shape using implants.* The benefits of breast implants to correct asymmetry can be significant, and may include improved self-esteem and social function.* However, because breasts can even out on their own over time, it is important that cosmetic augmentation is only performed after teens and women have finished natural physical development.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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