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Can You Prevent Breast Reduction Scars?

A shared concern amongshutterstock_82593991 many women considering breast reduction is noticeable scarring. Cosmetic beautification procedures may require a surgeon to make an incision somewhere on the body, and as with any surgical procedure, some scarring is unavoidable.

Times Have Changed and So Have Techniques

The medical specialty of plastic surgery has come a long way, especially where breast reduction is concerned. While the dreaded “anchor scar” may still be relatively common, the size and shape of a breast reduction scar varies depending on the patient.

On a case-to-case basis, the length of the incision needed for a breast reduction is dependent on how much tissue is being removed. Less tissue means a smaller scar and vice versa. Additionally, if an individual’s body allows it, incisions can often be hidden in the darker pigment around the areola or even in the natural fold under the breast.

Tension on the Incision

Depending on the amount of tension on the incision after surgery, scarring can be wider than expected. A plastic surgeon who actively avoids excess tension on the incision can help prevent unnecessary scarring.*

Recovering after Breast Reduction

As with any cosmetic procedure, an important part of the process is the recovery period. Breast reduction scars are typically much worse than breast augmentation scars. That said, while the presence of scars after breast reduction is unavoidable, an experienced plastic surgeon can minimize your chance of developing excessive or adverse scarring.*

Proper post-op care like moisturizing and protection from the sun after a reduction is routinely discussed in consultation with your surgeon. These post-op steps can help scars heal to the point of being barely noticeable, and women are generally pleased enough with their results that they consider the scarring to be a worthwhile tradeoff.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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Is it Possible to Prevent Breast Reduction Scars?
Article Name
Is it Possible to Prevent Breast Reduction Scars?
While eliminating scars after breast reduction may not yet be possible, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile explains a few ways to minimize scarring.
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Campanile Plastic Surgery