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Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Vanity or Necessity?

It seems like hardly a day passes when we don’t hear something on the news in Denver about plastic surgery and whether a celebrity had some procedure done. For the general public, this might seem like needless vanity. Yet, for those who live their lives in the public eye, could plastic surgery be less of a vanity procedure and more of a necessity ?

Growing Competition

As any actress will tell you, choice parts for older women are practically nonexistent. As a new generation of young actresses enters the workforce, competition for parts only increases. The best defense is to keep your appearance younger-looking and fresh. This doesn’t necessarily mean opting for a complete overhaul, either. Plenty of outpatient procedures like BOTOX® Cosmetic are available at our medical spa in Denver. Med spa procedures are minimally invasive and can still get great results.*

Life in the Public Eye

The benefits of refreshing one’s looks are not limited just to movie stars and models, either. Anyone in the public eye, such as salespeople and PR representatives, can have an edge if they’re more attractive. In fact, even real estate agents and lawyers may notice more favorable responses from clients following a cosmetic procedure.

Today’s New Challenges

In this economy, a good job is a precious commodity. This means that the competition for good jobs is more ferocious than ever. Older workers who have been laid off are especially challenged to find new positions. One thing is certain: it’s vital to look your best, particularly in positions where success or failure is dependent on your appearance.

In our modern-day society, there’s a preference for those who are more attractive, fit and healthy looking. Whether you’re considering a little lipo to slim your silhouette or want to minimize wrinkles with a quick treatment of BOTOX® Cosmetic* from our Denver offices, maintaining a youthful look is no longer a vanity – it’s a necessity.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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