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Denver Plastic Surgeon Applauds Increased Focus on Education

Dr. Frank Campanile endorses the positive attitude toward patient education embraced by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Denver, Colorado (April 2013) – The recent announcement by new American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery president, Leo R. McCafferty MD, to renew focus on patient education and safety, is echoed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile ( as a means to promote patient safety and awareness.

“The truth is, the best plastic surgery is often subtle and not immediately noticeable, and that’s not something that makes great headlines,” explains Dr. Campanile, a Denver breast augmentation specialist. “Instead, the world seems to hear a lot of misconceptions and horror stories about the field, which are much rarer than the public has been led to believe.”

With the growing trend toward acceptance of cosmetic procedures, more doctors are providing aesthetic procedures from their practices, and many are not specially trained plastic surgeons. When the procedure in question is as simple as an injection, as in the case of BOTOX® or other injectables, the level of skill needed for optimum results is not always immediately apparent.

“Great results have far more to do with the skill of the surgeon and the emphasis on patient safety than most people realize,” says Dr. Campanile.

Educating patients about the specifics of certain procedures, as well as debunking myths, will lead to a better patient experience as well as improved results. To assist in these goals, the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF) is a nonprofit foundation that works with the ASAPS in researching the effectiveness and safety of existing practices, as well as helping plastic surgeons to incorporate new procedures, devices and techniques into their practice.

“Sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to improve quality of care,” says Dr. Campanile. “The more the public knows about the reality of plastic surgery, the less they’ll be swayed by dramatic news stories.”

For his part, Dr. Campanile contributes by providing a wealth of online articles and blog posts for prospective patients and visitors to his Denver plastic surgery practice website. His site addresses the physical and emotional aspects of various procedures, from choosing a plastic surgeon and what to expect at your initial consultation all the way through recovery.

“It’s part of my personal and professional philosophy to educate patients as much as I can,” adds Dr. Campanile. “Having an idea of what to expect helps people feel more relaxed about the procedure and the results, which in turn helps me perform a smoother surgery. The reduced stress from all sides really creates a positive environment.”

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