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Does Liposuction Eliminate Cellulite?

Women who have visible cellulite often visit my practice for liposuction consultations, thinking that lipo will be able to eliminate their cellulite. Unfortunately, no matter how effective liposuction can be at removing fat cells,* cellulite is one area where lipo can’t really help.

How Cellulite Forms

Although many associate cellulite with excess weight, this isn’t necessarily the case. Even very slender women can develop cellulite, especially on their thighs and buttocks. The appearance of cellulite has less to do with putting on extra pounds and more to do with genetics, and the way fat cells are distributed.

Cellulite is formed by fat cells that build up below the connective tissues. When pressed up against this honeycomb tissue pattern, the skin takes on the dimpled appearance that defines cellulite.

Why Lipo Can’t Help

Although liposuction removes the same type of subcutaneous fat that contributes to the appearance of cellulite,* lipo won’t help to remove the exact fat cells responsible. The connective tissue that’s holding the fatty deposits in place makes it impossible to reach these areas with the cannula. Liposuction removes the fat deposits in the deeper layers of the skin,* not those close to the surface where cellulite forms.

Attempting liposuction too close to the skin’s surface can result in irregularities. As a result, some patients who hope that liposuction will reduce their visible cellulite could actually end up with more unevenness than they had to begin with.

Your best bet is to focus on areas where liposuction can make a difference, and continue practicing healthy eating habits and enjoying an active lifestyle to keep off excess weight.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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