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Does Plastic Surgery Have a Place in Politics?

There are plenty of men and women who get plastic surgery in Denver for career-related reasons. Perhaps they want to ensure their continued relevance despite being surrounded by a younger workforce, or just to feel more polished and professional. Are there some professions that should be exempt from the expectations of appearance, or does plastic surgery even have a place in politics?

Judging the Candidates

Recently, the New York Post ran an article that profiled the candidates for the mayoral race…not for their platforms, but to discuss the cosmetic procedures that could boost their looks. And more than one news item has discussed the possibility of Hilary Clinton running for president in 2016, yet almost always in combination with the rumors of whether or not she’s had a little work done in preparation for a campaign.

While looking your best is a plus in every walk of life, is it really necessary for politicians to look like movie stars? Or have cosmetic procedures become so accepted these days that’s it’s just considered normal for people to pursue some rejuvenation options, no matter what their occupation may be?

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Politicians aren’t the only ones under public scrutiny over their appearance. Even celebrities find themselves under the microscope if anyone suspects they recently visited a cosmetic surgeon, and these are people whose profession is to be in the limelight; their job description requires them to look their best.

For most folks in Denver, politicians or not, a few trips to the cosmetic surgeon are not a huge deal. In fact, surveys show that more Americans than ever say they’d have cosmetic surgery in the future, indicating that the stigma is definitely lessening.

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