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How to Regain Your Pre-Baby Breasts

It’s no secret that pregnancy158752821 can drastically alter a woman’s body. From added weight and enlarged breasts during pregnancy to flabby skin and a deflated bust line after birth, a new baby can do a number on your body.

After childbirth, many women want to get back to how their breasts looked before they were pregnant, and consider getting a breast lift, breast augmentation or a pairing of the two.

Breasts During and After Pregnancy

Hormonal changes and milk production can result in rapid expansion, which often causes the skin and tissue to stretch and adjust dramatically over a short period of time. Once you’ve had the baby and stopped breastfeeding, this stretched skin and added volume has a tendency to hang and deflate. Many women turn to plastic surgery to improve sagging breasts after pregnancy.*

Breast Lift

Women may be able to achieve their desired look with a breast lift alone.* This procedure tightens the skin around the breasts to raise them back to an optimal position without increasing size and create an improved shape and appearance.*

Breast Augmentation

Sometimes, a breast lift isn’t enough to bring back your pre-baby breasts, and breast augmentation with implants can be used to add volume lost after pregnancy.* Breast implants won’t adjust skin or alter nipple position, which is why pairing implants with a lift is a popular choice.

Lift Paired with Implants

Combining a breast lift with implants allows women to enjoy the best of both worlds, restoring lost volume with breast implants before lifting and tightening the breasts with a lift.

Depending on your body type and age, deciding whether a breast lift, breast implants or a combination of the two is appropriate can best be determined during a thorough consultation.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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3 Popular Options for Regaining Your Pre-Baby Breasts
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3 Popular Options for Regaining Your Pre-Baby Breasts
Colorado plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile recommends a breast lift, breast augmentation or a pairing of the two to best regain your pre-baby breasts
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Campanile Plastic Surgery