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Is the Thigh Gap Here to Stay?

Woman's bodyAnyone with a connection to social media has most likely heard about the “thigh gap,” a relatively new term that began trending within the last couple of years. The term was inspired by thin fashion models whose legs don’t touch when their feet stand together, and has motivated teenage girls and women to aspire to achieve the gap. But is the thigh gap just a passing trend, or is it here to stay?

Thigh Obsession Is Nothing New

The obsession with thighs is anything but recent. Women have been concerned with having slim thighs for decades. In fact, the thighs have been one of the most common liposuction target areas since the procedure first hit the market nearly half a century ago. What’s new about the thigh gap trend seems to be the ability of social media to popularize a hashtag that goes viral, not the thigh concern itself.

How Liposuction Can Help

Women in particular are prone to storing disproportionate amounts of fat in and around their thighs, which can create a bottom-heavy appearance. Liposuction can help by removing isolated fatty deposits in the inner and/or outer thighs.* For many women, having slimmer thighs means being able to feel confident wearing swimsuits, shorts and skirts that they might not have worn before.

Loving Your Body

Whether or not you have a thigh gap is unimportant, and the social media trend is just that — a trend. However, for individuals who experience chafing of the inner thighs, discomfort wearing fitted clothing or feelings of self-consciousness regarding their appearance, investing in body contouring could be a positive option.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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Is the Thigh Gap a Passing Trend or Here to Stay?
Article Name
Is the Thigh Gap a Passing Trend or Here to Stay?
Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile discusses the thigh gap trend and whether thigh appearance concerns are merely a passing fad.
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Campanile Plastic Surgery