Achieving the satisfying results you envision from a plastic surgery procedure is a complicated process. It starts with choosing an experienced plastic surgeon with the right combination of skills, training and an eye for detail. In order to look your best, it’s essential that you choose the best cosmetic surgeon in Denver and take the time to carefully review your goals so that you can make good decisions about your cosmetic options.

We want to help you find the right doctor to help you look your absolute best. In addition to offering technical excellence, Dr. Francesco Campanile seeks to create a comfortable, calming experience for his patients from the moment of their first visit to the office. He is all about patient education, as you can see firsthand when you schedule a consultation and experience the thorough, unhurried consult he offers each and every patient. Request a consultation to come in for a visit and find out all our practice has to offer.

Cosmetic Vs. Plastic: What’s The Difference?

Once you start looking around at different practitioners, you’ll quickly learn that there are both plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons. Is one better than the other? What’s the difference? And which one will give you the results you’re looking for? Although the terms “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” are often used interchangeably, these two areas of medicine actually can be very different.

It’s important to understand that the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) does not recognize cosmetic surgery as a specific discipline. There is no standard training protocol for becoming a “cosmetic surgeon.” Cosmetic surgeons may be dermatologists, ENT surgeons, or virtually any medical doctor.

To become Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, on the other hand, requires many years of specialized training after medical school and during residency. In addition to the typical three to five years of training needed to become a general surgeon, plastic surgeons also undergo two to three additional years specifically focusing on plastic surgery techniques. Then, passing written and oral exams are required to achieve certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), the only board recognized by the ABMS to award certification in the field of plastic surgery. Ongoing training and testing are required to maintain board certification in plastic surgery.

Beyond Board Certification

Although board certification is a good place to start, there are other professional endorsements that can help you find the best plastic surgeon in Denver. Professional memberships in organizations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) often require very specific training and practice guidelines that go above and beyond those needed for board certification.

You should also check for your surgeon’s operating privileges. In order to receive operating privileges at a local hospital, the surgeon’s training and background must be evaluated by a hospital review committee. Knowing your surgeon has received a thorough background check and case review from local hospitals grants an additional layer of security to protect patients and verify your surgeon’s history.

You also want a surgeon who has plenty of experience with the specific procedure you’re interested in. For example, if you’re considering breast augmentation, a plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty may not be the best bet. Be sure to ask questions about how many procedures like yours the surgeon performs annually, and don’t forget to review their patient portfolio of patient before and after pictures.

The Personal Touch

Finally, you want your surgeon to be someone you can relate to on a personal level. Technical skills are important, of course, but you also need to feel comfortable just talking with your surgeon. You’ll be working together closely. Clear communication is vital to ensuring positive results, particularly in the subjective field of aesthetic procedures. From consultation through your recovery, a surgeon who encourages questions from their patients, establishes and fosters a real connection with those patients, and who truly cares about the outcome of your surgery will serve not only as your doctor but as a welcoming and encouraging guide throughout the process.

Committing to cosmetic surgery isn’t a step that should be taken lightly. Neither is choosing your surgeon. Looking for the right balance of formal technical training, real-life expertise and personality will help you find the best plastic surgeon, one who can truly bring out the best in your body.

How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon in Denver
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How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon in Denver
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Finding the best plastic surgeon in Denver is a question of board certification, skills and training, the right background and comfort and trust.