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Post-Pregnancy Breast Lift

As a breast lift specialist, I see many women at my practice who have noticed changes in their breast shape and texture since having children. For these women, I often recommend a breast lift.

Breast Changes

The breasts change naturally with age and over time, just like the rest of the body does. Skin becomes looser and more lax, while fatty tissue can increase with weight gain or decrease with hormonal changes. The ligaments that are responsible for supporting the breasts also lose strength over time, and the breast migrates to a lower placement on the torso. All of these changes are normal, and happen to every woman.

Two things that can accelerate these changes are pregnancy and nursing. During pregnancy, your body goes through massive hormonal swings and also stores additional fat deposits for extra energy after your new baby is born. Breasts often become much larger during pregnancy, and may become larger again when the milk ducts fill in preparation for breastfeeding.

These rapid changes can stretch out the skin and breast tissue, which may not go right back to normal after weaning. A breast lift from my Denver practice helps lift and reshape your natural breasts without the need for artificial implants.* Although a breast lift won’t add additional volume, the shape and placement of your breasts can be restored closer to your pre-pregnancy days…or maybe even better.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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