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Say Goodbye to These 5 Trouble Spots with Lipo

Of the many cosmetic procedures performed each day around the world, liposuction is one of the most versatile. The body contouring surgery can target exercise and diet resistant fat nearly anywhere on the body, including certain parts of the face. Let’s take a look at five common spots where stubborn fat can gather and how liposuction can help.*

1. Later, Love Handles

There’s absolutely nothing to love about love handles. These pesky pockets of fat linger along the waistline and can add inches to your figure. A little liposuction here can go a long way in zapping the fat away when diet and exercise fall short.*

2. Won’t Miss You, Muffin Top

It’s common for fat to gather around the belly and waistline, and no amount of healthy eating or killer workouts can melt away the muffin top. Body contouring can target your muffin top by removing those fatty deposits.*

3. Banish Back Fat

If wearing a bra is the bane of your existence, you’re not alone. Many women are frustrated by the fat that bulges out from beneath their bra line, which is often visible through clothes. Back fat is a common target area for liposuction.

4. Sayonara, Saddlebags

Unless you’re a pack horse, you really have no use for saddlebags. Fat can stick like glue to the outer thighs, but fortunately liposuction can remove the excess fat cells.*

5. The Male Chest

Growing numbers of men are signing up for male breast reduction, which is essentially liposuction that removes oversized breasts.* Targeting this problem spot can be a real confidence booster for men.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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