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Should Your Age Determine Your Breast Implant Profile?

Most women focus principally on their desired cup size when considering breast enlargement, but plastic surgeons know it’s equally important to consider profile when selecting implants. In general, there is a trend among surgeons and patients to select higher profile implants for younger women while preferring a subtler look for older patients. Does this mean you’re locked into one choice or the other because of your age?

High Profile Implants for Younger Patients

These days, there seems to be little stigma attached to a more obviously augmented look for younger patients. While high profile implants can still look very natural,* they usually don’t allow for the subtle “sloping” look across the upper pole of the breast. Fullness across the upper pole is a trademark of youthful breasts. For this reason, many younger women prefer the look of high profile breast implants. Greater projection helps to create a perkier, more lifted look,* which is often the goal of breast enlargement in younger patients.

Low or Moderate Profile for Older Women

As women age, it’s common to lose fullness across the upper pole of the breast. For this reason, older patients often select a low or moderate profile implant to get the most natural look from breast enlargement.* The less pronounced projection from the chest wall offered by lower profile implants can be ideal for older patients hoping to increase fullness without creating a noticeably augmented look.*

Although bigger isn’t always better when it comes to implants, it’s not unusual for women to choose high-profile implants regardless of age. Your surgeon will offer suggestions that may work better for your body based on factors like breast width and chest proportions, but of course you should make the choice that you feel best matches your cosmetic goals.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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