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Spring Slimming

In my experience, liposuction becomes far more popular once the snow starts melting and warm weather approaches with the spring. Whether you’re gearing up for swimsuit season, or just ready to sculpt away those extra inches that winter tends to add, it’s the perfect time of year for a little lipo.

Seasonal Changes

Was your New Year’s Resolution to finally get in shape by eating right and sticking to an exercise routine? If so, then you’ve probably lost weight over the winter, and are looking forward to showing off your slimmer body once the snow is gone for good and you can hit the mountain trails.

One hitch you may have noticed, though, is that there are one or two problem spots that just aren’t slimming down no matter how many crunches you try. Love handles, muffin tops and inner thighs are particularly stubborn. Extra fat in the male chest and back can also be removed with liposuction.*

Those tricky spots are the perfect places where liposuction can make a big difference.* First I make a small incision, and then I use ultrasonic energy to liquefy the fat cells in the target areas.*

If you decided to hibernate this winter instead and have a few extra pounds you’d like to shed before spring hits, right now is the perfect time to get in shape. Once you’ve reached your target weight, liposuction can work as the finishing touch.

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