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The Best Body Types for Liposuction

Men and women considering liposuction often have very understandable concerns about whether lipo is right for them, and wonder if they’ll be happy with the results. There are a few different qualities that make you a better candidate for lipo, including your body type.*

Weight Matters

There’s a very persistent myth that liposuction is a solution for weight loss. In reality, the best liposuction results are typically seen in men and women who have already reached their target weight, or are at least within a few pounds of it.* It’s also important to have maintained the same weight for at least a few months before considering lipo.

Body Shape

If you’re already in reasonably good physical health and are generally in good shape but just have a few isolated fat deposits here or there, your body shape is better suited for liposuction.* Again, lipo is not intended for overall weight loss, but instead should be addressing a few problem areas that haven’t responded to diet or exercise.

Skin Tone

Skin elasticity is an important consideration when it comes to liposuction results. Since I’m removing fat from below the skin’s surface, I want to be sure that the skin will be able to conform to its new contours without any kind of sagging. If your skin is still relatively smooth and elastic, you’ll be a much better candidate for lipo.*

On the right body, liposuction can deliver very impressive contouring results that eliminate fatty deposits.* Be sure to check with your surgeon ahead of time to make sure that lipo is right for your body type.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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