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The Dangers of Unlicensed Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery should only be performed by a licensed doctor, and preferably one with advanced training in plastic surgery techniques. Unfortunately, we regularly hear about patients who choose cosmetic procedures from people who are not licensed to practice medicine.

For example, a man in New York recently pleaded guilty to performing cosmetic procedures such as liposuction without a medical license. Carlos Arango had been recruiting innocent women who frequented a spa in Queens, New York, and performed the procedures in both Manhattan and Connecticut. This man and his partner not only did this without administering anesthesia to the women in question, but their lack of licensure ended up leaving many women permanently disfigured. It’s so upsetting to hear about men and women who fall victim to con artists like Mr. Arango.

Protecting Yourself

The most important point is that you should never, ever agree to any type of cosmetic procedure unless you’ve researched your doctor. Ask for credentials, and double-check them yourself. Ask for patient testimonials and licenses and any other documentation you need to feel reassured. A legitimate doctor performing cosmetic surgery in Denver will be licensed, and ideally will be board-certified in plastic surgery too.

As much as we’d all like to save a little money, saving a few dollars should not be the sole reason you choose one surgeon over another. You only have one body, and your health is invaluable. If someone presents you an offer for a procedure that sounds too good to be true, just remember that it probably is.

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