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The Importance of Safety during Plastic Surgery

Safety Is Priority One

Although it’s easy to assume that elective procedures don’t quite carry the same risks as a “real” surgery would, cosmetic procedures still require the same level of caution from patients, doctors and other medical professionals. I keep a strict focus on patient safety during every plastic surgery procedure from my Denver practice, because I view safety as the number one priority during cosmetic procedures.

Complication Risks

Every medical procedure carries some risk of complications: infection, adverse reaction to anesthesia, or the surgery simply not going as planned. Cosmetic procedures are no different, with each one having a specific set of complications to be aware of.

For example, breast augmentation surgery carries the risk of complications mentioned above, and also risks associated with placing an implant in the body. One common concern is the formation of excess scar tissue around the implant, a complication known as capsular contracture. Women must take special care after their breast augmentation in order to minimize the risk of this complication.

Staying Safe

On the whole, cosmetic surgery carries the same risk of complications as non-elective surgery. But experiencing a complication following an elective procedure can be particularly unsettling, since cosmetic patients by and large are healthy before their procedures and are expecting an improved look and feel afterwards. For this reason I am particularly concerned about taking steps to minimize complications.

My personal feeling is that safety should be the number one priority of every plastic surgeon. In addition to giving my patients very detailed safety instructions to follow both before and after surgery, I also add any instructions that are procedure-specific. If you’re searching for a plastic surgeon in the Denver area, make sure that safety is a top priority in their practice, as this is one of the best things you can do to ensure a positive outcome.

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