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The Popularity of Thigh Lifts

Thigh lifts have a very high “Worth It” rating on realself.com from patients who have had the procedure and rate it with a thumbs-up. I can also confirm that here in Denver, thigh lifts are one of the procedures that offers results my patients just love. What is it about the thigh lift that makes it so popular?

Looking Your Best

From my experience performing thigh lifts in Denver, most of my patients who come in for a consultation do so after losing quite a bit of weight. Many of them have struggled with excess weight for a long time, possibly their entire lives, and finally conquering that battle should be worth a celebration. Unfortunately, weight loss very often leaves in its wake hanging and unsightly skin, especially in the abdomen and thighs. This can be very discouraging, because on the one hand, patients are very pleased about the physical weight loss, and yet they still remain feeling uncomfortable or even ashamed of the way their body looks due to the loose skin left behind.

A thigh lift (combined with tummy tuck, if needed) can resolve this issue.* During a thigh lift, excess skin and fat is removed from the thighs, slimming the lines into proportion with the rest of your body.* The results? Slimmer, shapelier legs that are more in line with your current weight.*

Weight loss is a victory, so don’t feel discouraged when losing those pounds still hasn’t given you the body you wanted. Instead, call me today and together we’ll come up with a plan to help.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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