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Turning Back the Clock, but for How Long?

For locals who feel like they look older than they feel in Denver, BOTOX® and dermal fillers seem like an answer to help keep age at bay. As most patients know, however, these measures are only temporary. How long will the effects of your injectable last?


At my office in Denver, most BOTOX® patients are just beginning to see the early signs of aging, and their goal is to stop those wrinkles in their tracks. BOTOX® injections paralyze the muscles in the treated area, preventing their repetitive motions from deepening existing wrinkles.* The results of BOTOX® injections vary from patient to patient, but most see results lasting between three to six months.* It’s important to remember that BOTOX® can slow the development of wrinkles, but will not fill in existing deeper lines on the face.

Dermal Fillers

For more advanced wrinkles, dermal fillers like Radiesse or Restylane are needed to physically fill in the lines.* Fillers can also be used to augment lips or add volume in areas of the face that are taking on an aged, hollow appearance.* The effects of dermal fillers vary slightly according to which type of filler is used.

• Radiesse can last up to 12 months*

• Collagen injections can be effective for three to four months*

• Restylane and Juvederm injections range from three to 12 months*

Like BOTOX®, the effects of dermal fillers will vary among individual patients. Injectables are FDA-approved as a temporary solution to minimize the effects of aging, without having to commit to the time or expense of a major surgery.* And of course, anything that helps keep aging at bay a little longer is a big plus for most of us!

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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