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Ultrasonic vs. Power Liposuction: The Differences

Here in Denver, liposuction is a pretty popular procedure. There are several different kinds of liposuction, including Vaser or Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction (UAL), Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL), Smartlipo, and laser lipolysis. At my clinic, I perform Vaser liposuction. Here’s why I choose to specialize in this kind of liposuction.

How It Works

The real difference between UAL and PAL lies in the tools used. For PAL, the surgeon uses a motorized instrument to remove the fat. When I perform Vaser liposuction, I use a special probe that emits ultrasonic waves. These waves break down the fat cells, allowing me to remove them safely and easily.* This treatment can be very successful at improving the appearance of the face, neck, chin, arms, thighs, back, or just about any other area.*

Level of Precision

There is a huge difference in precision between these two methods. Vaser liposuction lets me selectively target and break up fat cells – and only fat cells. With power assisted liposuction, on the other hand, surgeons lack this ability to precisely target the fat cells. This is a problem, and it can result in the disturbance of nerves, blood vessels, and other tissues.

Some Things Stay the Same

My office offers both types of liposuction – PAL and UAL. That’s because, in a lot of respects, the aftercare is the same. Although more patients report positive results with Vaser liposuction than PAL, the recovery time for both kinds of liposuction are similar*. After either procedure, patients should wear a compression garment. They can resume exercising after a week, and, although individual experiences vary, I tell my patients that most can expect to see full results after about a month.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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