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Why You Should Approach Plastic Surgery Abroad with Caution

AirplaneEach year, thousands of men and women go abroad for plastic surgery, but not all of them are happy with their results. No matter how many years you’ve spent contemplating plastic surgery or preparing for your procedure, when you choose to go overseas for cosmetic surgery, there is some amount of research that simply can’t be done ahead of time.

Board Certified or Bust

It makes sense to want to stretch your dollar further, and when other countries offer lower prices, plastic surgery abroad can seem financially appealing. However, nothing is more important than having an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon performing your procedure, because no amount of savings can undo the damage if something goes wrong. When precision medical work is instead performed by unlicensed or inexperienced practitioners, results can range from disastrous to deadly.

Beware the Ghost Doctor

When undergoing surgery in another country, it’s easy to fall victim to fraudulent practices. For example, some patients have been on the losing end of a bait and switch scheme, contracting the services of a respectable surgeon who stays by their bedside until the anesthesia takes effect. When the patient goes under, someone other than that surgeon takes over, and the result is a hack job.

Trusting in Your Surgeon

If you’re planning on plastic surgery, it’s of critical importance to trust your care to an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon who’s easy to connect with from consultation all the way through your recovery. When considering the right surgeon for your procedure, don’t hesitate to ask about your surgeon’s experience, request proof of qualifications and even get in contact with previous patients. Deciding to move forward with plastic surgery should never have to include worrying about scams or sacrificing your health and appearance.

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Why You Should Approach Plastic Surgery Abroad with Caution
Article Name
Why You Should Approach Plastic Surgery Abroad with Caution
Denver board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile discusses some of the risks involved in going abroad for plastic surgery and why expertise matters.
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Campanile Plastic Surgery