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As of 07/16/2015


We know that making any change to how your breasts look is a big decision. Finding a surgeon you can trust is essential for any breast augmentation procedure. Serving Denver, Colorado, breast enlargement specialist and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile has been performing breast augmentations for over 17 years, and has helped hundreds of women like you to achieve more beautiful breasts.

Dr. Campanile takes an individualized approach for each of his breast augmentation patients. His surgical recommendations are based on respect for each woman’s goals, tastes and personal preferences. He will take the time during your initial visit to review the latest information on silicone gel and saline breast implants. He will also explain your surgical options and the techniques that can be used to augment the breasts with either implants or your own fat cells. Our objective is to equip you with all the information you need to make a good decision for your long-term health and happiness.

Request a consultation online to get started on your breast augmentation journey. And if you haven’t already, be sure to view breast augmentation patient photos to see some of the results Dr. Campanile has achieved. We’re here for you every step of the way and look forward to meeting with you.

A Breast Augmentation Tailored for You

While many doctors offer breast augmentation in our area, few can match Dr. Campanile’s commitment to a customized and satisfying result. Whether you seek a more noticeable augmentation or a subtle enhancement, Dr. Campanile will listen carefully to your goals so he can help you achieve exactly what you expect. He has experience using both saline and silicone gel breast implants for a more proportionate appearance. He offers several incision and implant placement methods for your unique anatomy. He also offers fat transfer breast augmentation for women interested in a natural alternative to breast implants.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Dr. Campanile offers fat transfer breast augmentation, also known as microfat grafting. This approach may be a good fit for women seeking a subtle boost to their breast volume using their own natural fat cells rather than implants. Women may also choose to fine-tune their breast implant results using fat transfer to soften their curves, increase cleavage or improve symmetry.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a two-step procedure. First, Dr. Campanile performs liposuction to harvest fat cells from the patient. The hips tend to be a prime location for harvesting viable fat cells, as many women store some excess fat around the hips and may see the mild slimming effect of the procedure as an added bonus. However, if you prefer to use another donor area, you can discuss your options with Dr. Campanile.

Finally, Dr. Campanile transfers your body fat to your breasts using several small injections, carefully contouring the breasts. For patients seeking a more pronounced augmentation, an additional fat transfer procedure can be scheduled as early as six months after your initial surgery. Because fat transfer breast augmentation requires the use of fat cells from the patient, very thin women may see better results from breast enlargement using saline or silicone breast implants.

Breast Augmentation with Implants

Dr. Campanile begins most breast augmentation procedures by making an incision in the fold of the breast where it connects to the chest wall (inframammary) or around each areola (periareolar). Through each incision, he creates a pocket for the selected implant and then positions the implant inside the breast. The pocket may be under the chest muscle or directly behind the breast tissue, depending on implant size and type and a patient’s goals and body shape. The incisions are then closed and bandaged before the patient is moved to the post-operative area to begin the recovery period. In most cases surgery is completed within 1 to 2 hours.

Enhancements Worth Considering

“Gummy Bear” Implants

Gummy Bear Breast ImplantDr. Campanile is pleased to offer the Allergan Natrelle 410 silicone gel breast implant, more commonly known as the “gummy bear” breast implant due to the consistency of the silicone gel. This implant is manufactured to be shaped like a natural breast in a “teardrop” shape, with more silicone at the base of the breast and a gentle slope toward the top of the breast.

This implant type is available alongside other silicone gel models as well as saline breast implants. We are committed to offering all of the latest implant types for a wide range of choices. Dr. Campanile will review your individual goals and help you decide on the implant that’s the best match.

Combined Augmentation and Lift

A popular option for many of our patients is to combine breast augmentation with a breast lift. This combined procedure can create a more youthful look, particularly if your breasts have begun to sag following childbirth, weight loss or just due to a combination of gravity and time. Dr. Campanile can use the incisions he creates for the breast lift to insert breast implants, minimizing the appearance of scars after surgery. Another benefit of combining these procedures is that patients have only one recovery period. Women who choose fat transfer breast augmentation may also choose to combine their augmentation with a breast lift to achieve the most flattering profile.

It’s only natural to have many more questions about your surgery. Read our Breast Augmentation FAQs to learn more about this procedure. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Request a consultation online or call our office at 303-345-7476 to learn more about breast augmentation in Denver, Colorado. We look forward to meeting you and helping you feel fantastic about how good you look.