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As of 07/16/2015


If you’re looking for the latest in skin care, it’s hard to top VIVITÉ® and Obagi® Medical. Our Denver med spa offers these medical-grade skin care products for women and men who want to treat their skin with the latest in research-based skincare formulations. We also offer another prescription skin care product, LATISSE®, for women who want to grow longer, more luxurious eyelashes naturally.

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Obagi® Medical

Over-the-counter and drugstore remedies only get you so far. When you’re ready for true quality and dramatic results, it’s time for Obagi®. This high-end skincare brand offers a full line of outstanding products which have been clinically approved for medical grade skin care. Denver locals who have been searching for an authorized Obagi retailer can find a wide range of their product lines, including Nu-Derm®, CRX®, Clenziderm®, and Elastiderm® at Campanile Plastic Surgery.

Obagi products are specifically designed for enhanced penetration, in order to make sure the products’ healing and anti-aging agents are able to cross the skin barrier and begin correcting premature aging, sun damage, acne, rosacea, and many other conditions. Intended primarily for plastic surgery and dermatology practices, these products are marketed only for use under medical supervision.


The VIVITÉ® skin care regimen comes from the makers of BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM®, so you know quality is a must. This comprehensive line of products is based on an exclusive technology which infuses the skin with antioxidants and a proprietary glycolic compound, which work together to maximize rejuvenation.

Using VIVITÉ® regularly has been clinically shown to promote healthier skin. Glycolic acid promotes the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acids within the skin, which team up to combat aging. All this powerful science is then combined with antioxidants to neutralize damage-causing free radicals.


For patients struggling with sparse eyelashes, LATISSE® may be the ideal solution. LATISSE® is a topical treatment which thickens, lengthens your lashes naturally. Like all hair growth, eyelashes have a growing cycle and a dormant cycle; LATISSE® can extend the growth phase as well as increasing the amount of hairs which grow.

bioCorneum+ Scar Management

This product provides an ideal environment for scars to heal and will help speed up the healing process. We recommend that our patients use this after their wounds are closed. This self-adhering, self-drying silicone cream also contains SPF 30 sunblock to protect your skin from UV rays. One drop is enough to cover a three inch scar, and massaging the product into your scar will help to break up the scar tissue.

Your Denver Skincare Source

Campanile Plastic Surgery offers a full line of products intended to help you reach your full beauty potential, from medical grade products and injectables all the way up to body contouring and breast enhancement plastic surgery. Call today to arrange for a consultation.

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