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3 Ways Compression Garments Improve Liposuction Results

178545949Although patients are often reluctant to wear them and more surgeons are taking the stand of them being “optional,” I consider compression garments a necessary component after liposuction. Here are three ways that gentle, constant compression can improve the final outcome after liposuction, as well as enhance patient comfort during recovery.*


  1. Elimination of Tumescent Fluid: The tumescent fluid used during traditional lipo largely removed during the aspiration process, yet some remains behind. This contributes to postoperative swelling and discomfort, and increases the risk of buildup. Compression garments encourage more rapid expulsion of remaining fluid, and compresses the open internal space left after fat cell removal to help prevent seroma.*
  2. Lymphatic Drainage: The lymphatic system is responsible for removing toxins and fluid buildup from the body. This is an essential part of recovery following liposuction, and compression aids this natural process.* Lymphatic massage can also be beneficial.*
  3. Enhanced Skin Retraction: Although the underlying soft tissue structure is altered by fat cell removal, the skin itself remains unchanged. Wearing a compression garment helps encourage the skin to conform to these new contours.*

It’s vital for plastic surgeons to ensure that their patients are aware of these essential benefits provided by wearing a compression garment through the early stages of recovery.* Without clear communication, there is a greater risk that patients may discount medical advice and look at compression as optional; in reality, proper compression after surgery is still essential.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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