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4 Questions to Ask at Your Liposuction Consultation

It’s important to schedule153627943 a thorough consultation before you commit to liposuction. Discussing your concerns and raising any questions about the surgery or post-op recovery is essential, and having a few helpful questions prepared beforehand can help you feel confident before going in.

1. What board certifications do you hold?

A simple question, but it’s easily one of the most important you can ask your surgeon. Legally, any physician can perform cosmetic surgery, but American Board of Plastic Surgery certifications are proof that your surgeon has acquired the skills and qualifications you’re looking for.

2. How often do you perform this type of liposuction?

Knowing your surgeon is experienced in performing a specific liposuction procedure adds a certain amount of comfort. Experience means everything, which is why confirming your surgeon’s credentials and successes is important.

3. Do you have any special instructions for me?

Special pre- and post-op instructions can be broad or very specific, and knowing what to expect before a procedure, during the operation and while you’re recovering from liposuction makes it easier for you to prepare mentally and physically.

4. What’s the financial bottom line?

It’s certainly not recommended that you put “cheap” at the top of your liposuction priority list, but knowing what kind of financial obligations you’re committing to is a pretty important part of the process. Be sure to ask and understand what the cost of your liposuction procedure will be, and take the time to meet with several surgeons so you can feel confident that you are getting strong value for the investment you’re making.

Keeping these simple but often-essential questions in mind while attending your liposuction consultation can help ensure that there won’t be any surprises once you’ve made up your mind.

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