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A Thousand Words

If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon in Denver but aren’t sure quite who to choose, one of the best ways to gauge their work is by looking at their before and after patient pictures. No matter how many diplomas and certifications they have hanging on their walls, the best estimate of skill comes down to real life results.

What to Look For

The essence of what to look for in patient galleries will vary depending on which procedure you’re considering, but a good rule of thumb is to especially seek out pictures where the “before” image resembles your current body. Then, you can better gauge the impact of the procedure from the “after” image.

You should also examine general technique. For example, if you’re considering a tummy tuck, does the skin look smooth and slim, or stretched and pulled too tight? Breast augmentations should look enhanced and natural, without visible implant edges or ripples, and the breasts should be centered on the chest, not riding too high or too low. Liposuction results should look smooth and sculpted, not lumpy or uneven.

Be sure to look at as many photos as possible, not just a handful of “perfect” results. The more pictures you see of real patient results, the better you’ll be able to weigh the worth of your potential surgeon. In Denver, most plastic surgery patients are interested in natural, subtle-looking results that still make a big difference in their appearance; this is the hardest look to achieve, so take the time to find the right surgeon for you before making a big commitment.

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