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Thigh & Body Lift FAQs

Many people don’t realize that a significant amount of weight loss is often only the first step on the road toward looking your best. Following the loss of excess pounds, it’s very common for loose folds of skin and residual fat pockets to remain. During a combination thigh and body lift, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Campanile is able to improve the appearance of the entire lower body. The procedures may be performed separately, although they are most often performed together.

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Q: Am I a Candidate?

A: Those who benefit most from a thigh and body lift are frequently patients who previously lost quite a bit of weight. However, anyone who has loose skin or fatty deposits in the lower body and thigh area may be able to benefit from this surgery.

Q: Would Liposuction Accomplish the Same Goals?

A: No. Although liposuction can be used to remove localized fatty deposits from nearly anywhere, including the lower body, lipo will not address the problem of loose or excess skin. The only way to really resolve that issue is through surgery that excises skin and residual fat.

Q: What Happens during Surgery?

A: During the thigh lift, the procedure differs depending on which area will be targeted. Surgery on the outer thigh has more of an impact on overall shape, while skin on the inner thigh can be tightened to smooth the upper leg appearance and increase comfort during walking or exercise. An inner thigh procedure will place the incision hiding in the natural skin folds of the pubic area, while the outer thigh procedure requires an incision around the hip or buttock region. During the surgery itself, excess skin and fat will be removed in order to give a younger, firmer look to the thighs.

During a body lift, the whole lower body is addressed, which requires several incisions in different areas. Excess skin is removed, much like in the thigh lift. However, a body lift may also involve the repositioning of excess tissue in order to form a more pleasing silhouette, including augmenting the buttocks without use of implants

Q: What Can I Expect during Recovery?

A: Following a thigh lift, patients will need to take it easy for the first week or two. Regular activity and exercise can be resumed in about a month. A body lift is more extensive, however, and patients may need to rest a bit longer before returning to their typical schedules. Both procedures require the use of a compression garment following the surgery in order to promote healing.

Q: What about Scarring?

A: Dr. Campanile makes every effort to conceal the incision within the natural curves of the body in order to minimize the appearance of scars. The incisions are placed so they remain inconspicuous even in revealing clothing. The majority of patients feel that achieving the silhouette they’ve always wanted is well worth the minimal scars resulting from the incisions.

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