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Denver Breast Augmentation Specialist Discusses New Study

Performing a breast lift and breast augmentation during the same procedure results in no additional risks beyond those seen when the procedures are performed separately.*

Denver, Colorado (February 2013) – According to a study published in the January issue of the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, breast augmentation and breast lift procedures can be safely combined in a single cosmetic surgery procedure. The study outcome falls in line with what plastic surgeons have witnessed for years, says Dr. Frank Campanile of Campanile Plastic Surgery in Denver (https://www.campanileplasticsurgery.com).

“From a surgical standpoint, it just makes sense,” explains Dr. Campanile, a prominent cosmetic plastic surgeon in Denver. “Breast lifts and breast augmentation are very complementary procedures. If I can perform both at the same time, it saves the patient from scheduling multiple appointments, undergoing anesthesia twice, and having to endure twice as much recovery time.”

In the past, some surgeons would schedule these two procedures several months apart. The idea was that spacing out the procedures gave the body ample downtime for healing between treatments. But this method doubled the amount of overall recovery time needed and exposed the patient twice to surgical risks such as infection or reaction to anesthesia.

In addition to being less time consuming and giving patients the final results sooner, combining breast augmentation and lift can actually achieve better results for women who want to improve both the shape and size of their breasts.*

“For many of the women I see at my practice in Denver, breast augmentation alone isn’t enough to deliver the results they really want,” says Dr. Campanile. “In fact, some women who initially come in for an augmentation consultation can achieve their appearance goals with a breast lift alone.* Many women don’t realize how much the position of their breasts affects their figure.”

With age and gravity, women’s breasts begin to sit lower on the chest. This is often more pronounced in women with a more generous natural breast size to begin with. Pregnancy and nursing can also affect the shape and placement of the breasts. While augmentation adds volume, the procedure will not noticeably lift the breasts.

A breast lift is used to reshape the breast and relocate the breast tissue higher on the torso, including moving and centering the nipples correctly.* When this procedure is combined with an augmentation, women will see both an increase in volume and a more appealing breast placement, two changes that work together to bring about a dramatic shift in their profile.*

“Of course, the ultimate goal is to bring out the greatest possible beauty in every woman with the least amount of surgical risk,” says Dr. Campanile. “We can achieve that with less time on the table and less exposure to complications.”

Every surgery, even for cosmetic procedures, carries an element of risk, particularly when anesthesia is involved. By combining a breast augmentation along with a breast lift into one procedure instead of two, the anesthesia risk to patients is halved. Since the same incisions can be used for both procedures, scarring may be minimized as well.* Additionally, patients won’t have to schedule more time off from work, since there will only be a single recovery period.

“One appointment, a faster recovery, only one set of scars and fantastic results.* The choice is pretty clear,” adds Dr. Campanile.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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