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Fixing Breast Surgeries Gone Bad

There’s not much that’s more disappointing than a cosmetic procedure that didn’t turn out the way you wanted. At my practice in Denver, breast surgery revision is one thing that can help. Even if you didn’t get the results you wanted the first time, we can work together toward a revision of your surgery that you can feel better about.

Revisions for Correction

One of the primary reasons I see women for breast surgery revision here in Denver is to repair something that didn’t go right in the first surgery. This is often the leakage or deflation of an implant. Repairing this requires removal of the faulty implant and replacement with a new one.

Revisions for Cosmetics

Some surgeries end up healing poorly and leaving very visible scars. In others, the breasts may be asymmetrical either in size or orientation. Some implants end up “bottoming out,” or dropping in placement over time. All of these issues can be addressed through breast revision surgery.*

Revisions for Second Thoughts

Revision surgery isn’t just for surgeries gone wrong. A lot of women are anxious before an augmentation about going too large with their implants. Then, after the swelling has dissipated and the final results are revealed, they often express regret that they didn’t go larger initially. Many revision surgeries are performed to correct the size of the initial implants in order to bring them more in line with the patient’s initial vision.*

Whatever your reasons for choosing breast surgery revision, my staff has the skills and expertise to get you the look you wanted but never got.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

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