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Is Updating Your Breast Implants Inevitable?

You may have heard that breast implants must be removed and replaced after a certain period of time, but is it true? Do breast implants have an expiration date?

Years ago, concern over capsular contracture perpetuated the idea that implants had to be traded in for new ones after a certain period. Today’s implant products and methods are more refined than ever. Thicker implant shells, advanced polymers and endoscopic augmentation procedures have contributed to a dramatic reduction in instances of capsular contracture.

What Happens If an Implant Ruptures?

The occurrence of breast implant rupture is actually quite low, but it does happen. In the event of a rupture, you will need to have the implant replaced. When a saline implant ruptures, it is usually quite obvious. Silicone gel ruptures are harder to detect since the silicone leaks out slowly and is often not perceptible to the eye. An MRI is needed to find out with certainty whether a silicone gel implant is leaking and breast implant replacement is necessary.

Do Your Implants HAVE to Be Replaced?

Most plastic surgeons agree that if you’re happy with your implants and there are no issues, you don’t need to replace them.

There is no reason to have breast implant replacement simply because a certain number of years has passed. Of course, there are cosmetic reasons to have implants replaced. If you are experiencing rippling or don’t like the way your implants look, you may want to consider updating them.

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Is Updating Your Breast Implants Just Inevitable?
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Is Updating Your Breast Implants Just Inevitable?
Is breast implant replacement necessary? Dr. Francesco Campanile of Denver discusses how long breast implants last and whether they need to be replaced.
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