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Breast Surgery Revision Q&A with Dr. C

There are many reasons to consider breast surgery revision, but women can still feel very uncertain as to whether revision is the right step for them. Internet FAQs can really only take you so far when it comes to clearing up your concerns and making you feel confident in making your decision about moving forward with revising a previous breast augmentation. Here, Denver breast surgery revision specialist Dr. Frank Campanile responds to several of the most commonly asked questions from women about revision surgery.

If you have a question about breast surgery revision that’s not addressed here, please feel free to contact us online today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Campanile is a board certified plastic surgeon who focuses on developing a customized approach toward cosmetic surgery that can better help you meet your unique goals.

Q. I’ve been considering breast surgery revision for some time now, but I still can’t decide if it’s really the right step. How do I know for sure?

A. Because women choose to undergo breast surgery revision for a wide range of reasons, the answer to this questions really lies in your specific concerns and the reasons you’ve been considering breast surgery revision. However, the decision process is not always subjective. Certain issues pertaining to implant failure or other complications require revision surgery, and can be diagnosed by your surgeon if you’re unsure of how to diagnose them yourself. My suggestion is that if you want to update your implants for personal or cosmetic purposes, simply schedule a consultation so we can discuss your options and the results that may be possible with revision surgery. And of course, if you think you might have implant failure, you should come in for an expert opinion. That way, if there is a need for revision, we can map out a plan for restoring a beautiful look as quickly as possible.

Q. What are the most common reasons for breast revision surgery?

A. Women who have undergone breast augmentation and feel unhappy with their results can opt for breast surgery revision. Sometimes, this may be for a specific reason, such as a change in implant position. At other times, however, women simply choose to update their implants to suit changes to their age, lifestyle or physical preferences. Many women choose to swap out their implants for a different size, for example, or want to change from saline to silicone or vice versa. Additionally, implant failure often calls for breast surgery revision to resolve issues such as capsular contraction, malposition or rotation.

Q. I’ve already had a bad experience with implants, and I’m worried that revision surgery will just give me another sub-par result. How do I know that revision surgery can give me the look I want?

A. It’s completely understandable to feel hesitant about proceeding with breast implant revision surgery following a negative previous experience. Through my many years of specializing in breast surgery revision, I have developed a reputable track record as a “go-to” doctor for challenging revision surgeries, and I make sure to develop an approach customized for each patient’s individual needs. While I appreciate your hesitation to trust another surgeon with your cosmetic results, I encourage you to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your options and develop an approach you are comfortable with. No woman should have to live with augmentation results that fail to live up to her expectations.

Q. What is ‘bottoming out’?

A. ‘Bottoming out’ is a term used to refer to a malposition issue when implants slide lower than their intended position. This can result in a lower than normal breast crease or nipples that are pointed upwards. Bottoming out can usually only be corrected by breast revision surgery. While the exact approach will depend on the patient’s situation, I often stitch up the capsule under the breast where the implant has slipped to effectively push the implant back up to its intended position. If the patient desires, this can also be an opportunity to trade out implants for a different size or type.

Q. Can I get revision surgery for more cleavage?

A. It depends. While implants may increase your cleavage simply by adding more volume to the breasts, your breasts will still fall into their natural position depending on your anatomy. This means that if your breasts are wide set, they will remain wide set after they are augmented. However, if you have implants already and want more cleavage, you may have the option of trading out your existing implants for implants with a wider base. This can expand the base of the breasts, making them appear closer together, which may enhance your cleavage.